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Colour printing: By at least the Yuan Dyansty, China had invented coloration printing for paper. Michael Sullivan writes that "the earliest color printing regarded in China, and without a doubt in The entire world, is actually a two-colour frontispiece to your Buddhist sutra scroll, dated 1346".[201]

Automated Refrigerant Refill: Maintains a user-selectable quantity of refrigerant within an internal vessel and indicators when it’s time to alter provide tank, no checking demanded.

Phelps wore a wetsuit which was 1 millimeter thick, in addition to a monofin -- which fundamentally acted like a tail.  “I don’t like having silver medals, but I’ll just take one particular to a terrific white,” he said all through the Discovery program.

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Co-fusion metal course of action: Despite the fact that Joseph Needham speculates that it could have existed beforehand, the main obvious penned evidence in the fusion of wrought iron and Forged iron to generate steel originates from the sixth century Advertisement with reference on the Daoist swordsmith Qiwu Huaiwen, who was set accountable for the arsenal of Northern Wei common Gao Huan from 543 to 550 AD.

[505] In the sixty-4 bronze bells present in the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng interred by 433 BC, forty-7 of them make two notes with slight third intervals even though sixteen produce two notes with main 3rd intervals.

Thyroid hormones to deal with goiters: In 239 BC, Grasp Lu's Spring and Autumn Annals stated that where by h2o is too gentle, people suffer prevalent baldness and goiter.[488] It wasn't until eventually the 1860 that Gaspard Adolphe Chatin (1813–1901) connected goiter Using the deficiency of iodine in soil and h2o; iodine was found inside the thyroid gland in 1896 by Eugen Baumann, while thyroid extract was made use of to treat sufferers in 1890. Extensive right before this the Tang Dynasty (618–907) physician Zhen Quan (d. 643 Advertisement), in his Previous and New Experimented with and Tested Prescriptions, said that the thyroid get more info glands taken from gelded rams were being utilized to treat people with goiter; the thyroid hormones could possibly be swallowed in pill kind (your body of the tablet comprised of crushed jujube pulp) or being a strong thyroid gland Along with the Excess fat taken off.

Cyber industry experts consulted by CNN say the incidents are illustrative of how vulnerable Us residents -- even People in the highest reaches of electrical power -- remain to the opportunity risk of spear-phishing, the process by which officers are duped by hackers, and expose govt pcs and techniques to various cyber threats.

Paper napkins, or chih pha, accompanied tea cups and had been folded into squares. Textual evidence of paper cups and napkins appears in a description on the possessions with the Yu family, from the town of Hangzhou.[392]

[362] The cup-bearer stood at the bow of each ship and beside him the wine-pourer; if the ship manufactured immediately timed periodic stops where guests ended up seated, the cup-bearer automatically stretched out his arm by using a complete cup of wine.[362] When the guest was accomplished emptying his cup, he placed the cup back into the figure's arms; the latter then waited as being the wine-pourer loaded a second cup to become emptied.[362] When this visitor had been served, the wine boat automatically moved onwards to the subsequent halt.[362] Joseph Needham speculates which the 'wine boats' may possibly have been paddle-wheel-driven.[363] A different paddle wheel ship was commanded by Wang Zhen'e and explained in his biographies dated from your Liu Tune Dynasty (420–479).[364] facet within the partial stays on the Shuishi Tujing, an account of such 'wine boats' was also preserved by Huang Gun's up to date Yan Shigu (581–645).[365]

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Pound lock: Indirect evidence indicates that pound locks might are already used in antiquity from the Ptolemaic Greeks and the Romans.[414] In China, Even though the just one gate canal flash lock existed beforehand, the two-gate pound lock was invented in 984 by an Formal of Huainan and engineer named Qiao Weiyo, in the early Music Dynasty (960–1279), to ensure that ships could securely vacation alongside canal waterways owning gated and segmented chambers where water ranges can be controlled.

CSI and its imitators have introduced Television viewers to a few of the advanced technologies used by criminal offense-scene investigators.

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